Poof - and your task is gone!

Say no to endless checklists. Achieve your goals consciously avoiding burnout.

You only have one life and 24 hours in a day

Give yourself permission to be a happy person and achieve your goals at the same time! 12 hours is more than enough to complete a certain number of tasks per day. There is no point to overload yourself with many tasks that you won’t be able to complete anyway. Set them rationally. Prioritize tasks with color coding to plan your day effectively. Stay productive and mindful with Poof!


You have only 24 hours

Set execution time fo each task individually. Plan your day rationally.

Simple and effective

Simple and clean design does not distract from completing tasks. Color coding helps prioritize.


Analyzing how many tasks you've managed to complete. Improve your daily efficiency.

Smart notifications

Get notified when tasks are expiring. Be productive with Poof.

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